The Central Difference


Because each building and workforce has different requirements, cleaning and maintenance programs need to reflect the unique demands of each client. We have provided an infrastructure to address these needs.


The Central Internal Audit

Nobody knows your organization's priorities better than you do. That is why we developed the Central Internal Audit. Our professionals consult with you to determine your goals, specific building requirements, traffic patterns and how we can best provide you with results. Our core programs include:


The 100-Point Central Quality Assurance Program (CQA) helps us define the criteria by which we can optimize results. Through an extensive review of your needs, we define a "Quality Profile" that serves as a basis for an ongoing evaluation.

The Central Flex Plan Program empowers you with options customized to fit your evolving requirements and budgets. By tailoring your cleaning and maintenance program, you get the service you desire at a competitive price.

The Central Environmental Responsibility Program (CERP) helps you stay green by finding and maintaining the appropriate level of environmental responsibility for your business or organization.

The 3-D Method


To define the quality assurance issues appropriate to your organization, Central provides a "3-D" process for determining the service you require and maintaining a level of accountability appropriate to your firm by:

   Definition: Through the Central Internal Audit, we help you define your priorities.

Design: Central experts work with your team to design a program that meets your goals.

Delivery: Central conducts training and ongoing follow-up inspections to ensure that we are working     
      together to implement the desired standards.

Central Quality Assurance Program (CQA)

Central Quality Assurance


The 100-Point Central Quality

Assurance Program (CQA)

Identify Your Priorities

• Design Appropriate Services

Regular Management Inspections

• Train Employees & Management in
  CQA™ Procedures

Increase Accountability

• Meet/Exceed Customer Expectations

• Improve Communications



Quality vs "Quality Assurance"


Most cleaning and maintenance companies claim to provide "high quality" services, but what is your assurance that a particular quality standard has been achieved? Whith so many ways to interpret "quality," even vendors that provide reasonably good service may not be able to ensure measurable consistency. We realize that departments, buildings and entire companies have different requirements, so our cleaning and maintenance programs will reflect your unique needs.


The 100-Point Central Quality Assurance (CQA) Program ensures that we deliver what we promise. We focus on the essential variables that impact cost, attention frequency, performance standards and report accountability. Together, we identify and qualify each variable to develop a quality profile that clearly defines the quality standards for each aspect of your facility, using a 100-point scale. Based on this profile, we develop a cleaning and maintenance program, tailored to your 'hot spots,' ensuring that all 100 points are being met and exceeded. The CQA also gives us a way to document our results to you.


Getting Started


With CQA, Central can help you define, design and deliver on all of your quality assurance needs. Call us today to schedule a consultation that fits into your schedule, followed by a walkthrough of your facility. We will then deliver you a customized proposal.


For more information, please call us at 412-922-4131.

The Flex Plan Program

The Flex Plan Program


Flex Plan™ because nothing stays

the same, the Flex Plan Program™

helps you adjust services for:

Periods of High Activity

• New Tenants

Special Events

• Remodel / Reconstruction

Budget Flexibility

• Workload Distribution

• Spcific Tenant Needs

• 24 Hour Operations

• Medical Tenants



The Flex Plan Program: Tailored to Fit


Because no two companies are alike, no two companies' cleaning needs are alike. There is not a 'standard' service that can be applied to all of our customers. Because each client has a specific set of needs, and those needs will change, Central has developed The Flex Plan Program.


Central's Flex Plan Program features pricing and services that allow the customer to choose a plan that works for them based on space, needs and tenant requirements. Each Flex Plan begins with the Central Internal Audit, where our professionals consult with you to set a baseline for your standard services, so your budget can be tailored to fit your specific needs.


Getting Started


With the Flex Plan Program, Central can help you stay on top of your shifting needs. Call us today to schedule a consultation, followed by a walk-through of your facility. We will then deliver you a customized proposal.


For more information, please call us at 412-922-4131.

Central Environmental Responsibility Program (CERP)

CERP Program Issues


Environmentally Preferred Products

• Chemical Management Systems

High Performance Matting Systems

• Microfiber Technology

Indoor Air Quality

• Proper Training Procedures

• Hands-Free Dispensing Systems

• HEPA Filtration

• Energy Management

• Recycle Programs

• Waste Control Programs

• Low Decibel Vacuums



CERP: What We Mean By "Green"


Whether you're a building owner, a facilities manger or corporate executive, the concept of green has never been more relevant. Yet, the term "green" can mean many things in the cleaning and maintenance industry. Because each client has a specific set of environmentally related issues, Central has developed the Central Environmental Responsibility Program (CERP), the industry's first comprehensive program to define, design and deliver the appropriate level of environmentally responsible services to each client.


Special Programs


CERP also includes cleaning and maintenance services geared to specific environmental needs and standards:

1. The LEED Support Program incorporates all the compliance measures needed for LEED status.

2. Government Properties Program incorporates the standards of Federal, State and local requirements for products, equipment, material use and all public safety standards.

3. Schools Program incorporates standards appropriate for a school environment.

4. Medical Facilities Program ensures that facilities involved with research or strict sanitation requirements maintain the standards for their organizations.

5. Custom Facilities Program incorporates standards appropriate for your specific needs.


Getting Started


With your CERP, Central can help you achieve and maintain the level of "green" you desire for your facility. Call us today to schedule a consultation, followed by a walk-through of your facility. We will then deliver you a customized proposal.


For more information, please call us at 412-922-4131.




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