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Safety & Security

Background Checks & Security


Central Maintenance & Service Company takes the security of your facility very seriously. After prospective employees are interviewed their references are checked and a criminal background check is performed at the local and federal level as we consider them for employment. 


Also, with drug problems becoming more prevalent, it is sometimes required to have interviewees pass a drug screening before being hired. This can be requested by the potential customer or be at the discretion of Central. This is another critical way that we ensure we are hiring the best possible candidates.


Although we are very diligent in screening potential employees, unfortunately there are times when a concern will arise that may require further investigation. Central has been and will continue to be very aggressive in uncovering the truth behind each and every situation.


Safety Considerations & Procedures


The Management of Central recognizes that safety and loss control is an essential ingredient in our operation for humanitarian, economic and legal reasons. In 2003 we implemented a Safety Committee headed by Terry Duffy, Vice President. It consists of 6 members, with the objective to help provide a safe working environment. The Safety Committee is certified by the State of Pennsylvania and meets monthly to discuss safety issues. The Committee is dedicated to providing active leadership and the necessary support to develop and maintain a successful safety program with these objectives:


Provide a safe and healthful work environment for all employees.

Minimize the risk of human and economic losses resulting from unnecessary personal injury, property damage.

Ensure the security, protection and well-being of the personnel, property and vehicles.

Comply with all safety and health laws that apply to your job site.

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