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Educational Services Division

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: We understand that outsourcing the entire custodial service to CMS may offer substantial savings, but is there a way to make the transition gradual?

A: Absolutely. Start with one school as a "test school." As in-house staff retires CMS can replace them through attrition. This would provide a seamless transition. It may also get less resistance than turning over the entire district all at once. Furthermore, the remaining in-house crew may be more accepting of new employees that are hired through this method.

Q: Our school district puts all potential employees through a rigorous screening process before they are hired. Can parents and employees of the school be confident that CMS thoroughly screens their employees as well?

A: Central Maintenance takes the safety of students and fellow employees very seriously. Before any applicant is placed in a school they must submit to completing all PA school clearance requirements; including a IdentoGO's FBI finger print based criminal background check per Act 114, a child abuse history check per Act 33, and a criminal history check per Act 34 of the PA Public School Code. These clearances along with scrutinizing past work history are reviewed by Human Resources and management.

Q: What if we only want to outsource a portion of the school district's custodial staff; will Central Maintenance be willing to work alongside our employees?

A: Sure. As a matter of fact we have been doing just that at a large local school district for years. We call it a "hybrid" program and it is working very well.

Q: Is the school district obligated to engage in a long term contract with CMS?

A: If the school district agrees to replace in-house employees through attrition, we do not require a long term agreement.

Q: Is there any other ways Central Maintenance can help save our school district money?

A: CMS can consult with your school district to implement an energy conservation program.

Q: Can CMS be contracted to only provide the management necessary to oversee the school district's in-house custodians?

A: Certainly. This is an option some school districts find appealing because it is non-threatening to their custodians and can provide substantial cost savings by dramatically reducing the district's role in managing the operation. As the district gains confidence in CMS other options can be explored to further reduce costs.

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