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Disinfection & Sanitizing Services

Service Available in Pittsburgh, PA & New York City!

Central Maintenance & Service Company offers a multitude of services to combat health concerns and viruses.

Electrostatic Spraying System Service

Fight against microorganisms/ bacteria that are associated with the spread of viruses. An Electrical charge is applied to the spray causing the droplets to coat all sides of a surface.


Custom Disinfection & Sanitation Service

All spaces have different requirements when it comes to disinfection.We will create a custom plan for your space and facility needs to ensure a safe environment. 


Deep Cleaning Service 

Deep clean by hand on all horizontal and vertical surfaces. The disinfectants we use have the Human Coronavirus kill claim on their label.

New York City Branch: 

Contact John Duffy for more information on available services in New York City.
Phone: 412-480-8169
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