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Central Quality Assurance Program (CQA)

A 100-point quality control program that ensures we deliver what we promise. More »


Flex Plan

A custom-tailored program for each facility, providing flexibility in service, budget. More »


Central Environmental Responsibility Program (CERP)

A range of green policies and procedures that promotes a healthier workplace and environment. More »

A Tradition of Innovation in Cleaning and Maintenance


Since 1960, Central Maintenance and Service has provided innovative and flexible solutions to the facility management market. As a locally owned and operated business, we take personal pride in continuously improving and building upon our service programs. Our Central Quality Assurance Program (CQA), Flex Plan and Central Environmental Responsibility Program (CERP) are tailored to each client's needs. As a result, we've been privileged to serve some of the largest corporations and office parks in Western Pennsylvania.


The "Central Difference" is more than just attention to detail. We work with you to develop programs that allow you to control your budget and measure results.


Where Performance and Accountability Meet


At Central Maintenance, we believe that what sets our employees apart is a comprehensive training program, complete with continuing education. It's more than learning how to clean. It's learning how to be accountable.


Once hired, all Central employees and managers receive comprehensive training, which includes operation of equipment, safe handling of chemicals and a tour of job sites. Managers also receive conflict resolution skills, leadership skills and environmental responsibility training.


Supervisors and managers routinely attend seminars to stay abreast of the newest cleaning techniques, equipment, methodology and envioronmental practices. All of our background checks are professionally read and interpreted by a law enforcement professional. In the end, we are able to confidently offer our customers what we know to be the best service, quality and value in the business.


For more information on how Central Maintenance can help your organization save time and money while improving your appearance, contact us today.


Satisfaction is Our Operative Goal


At Central, customer service is our operative goal. Our Management Team is directly responsible for the successful growth of our Company. This attitude and philosophy has kept us in the business since 1960. The Management Team of Central will be personally involved, and have a vested interest in your account.


"We value the trust that you have placed in our employees. That's why we only hire people

who exhibit real competency, skill and attention to detail."


People Who Care


As the role of facilities management has grown to include greater demand for cost control, environmental compliance and accountability, Central has maintained our competitive edge through our commitment to customer service and continous improvement. We believe that keeping an open line of communication with our clients is essential. That is why we provide you with quality reports, management inspections and innovative programs unique to the maintenance services industry.


We believe that our people are our most valuable asset and that we must instill in them the desire to deliver more than is promised, often going beyond specifications to act in the best interests of our customers. Management must be there, providing quick response to requests or concerns, anticipating and preventing problems before they occur. We strive to employ the caliber of person who takes pride in their work and demonstrates honest and integrity. Our open-door management policy extends to all of our employees - supervisors and staff feel free to contact us with comments or concerns.


We exceed industry standards by bringing greater accountability through employee and management training, and environmental responsibility. Our unique FlexPlan provides for greater value and efficiency.


Everyday, Central employees work hard to ensure that your facility makes a positive impression and that your own employees, tenants and customers reap the benefits of a clean environment. Regardless of the layout or function of your space, we help you design appropriate solutions that balance budgets with each client's particular needs.


"Every day, Central employees work hard to make sure that your workplace makes a positive impression."



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